Zombie Horde


Zombie Horde is the second boss encounter for Vornstaag (Area: Cemetery). As with all bosses, Zombie Horde can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence zombies Zombie Horde Essence Used to summon Zombie Horde (Raid) Zombie Horde quest boss
Gloves shadowknight Shadowknight's Pain 39 46 51 35 Increases Energy by 2 Quest boss Zombie Horde
Mjournal 2 Misako's Journal Page (II) Crafting component for Misako Essence to summon Misako (Raid) Quest Boss - Zombie Horde; Gifts
Floating skull Floating Skull Vornstaag Quest Bosses
Skull brown Brown Skull Craft x2 Stat Points Vornstaag quests, help requests and gifting
Skull grey Grey Skull Craft x2 Stat Points Vornstaag quests, help requests and gifting
Skull green Green Skull Craft x2 Stat Points Vornstaag quests, help requests and gifting
Skull blue Blue Skull Craft x2 Stat Points Vornstaag quests, help requests and gifting
Skull purple Purple Skull Craft x2 Stat Points Vornstaag quests, help requests and gifting
Skull orange Orange Skull Craft x2 Stat Points Vornstaag quests, help requests and gifting


Enter battle:

The monsters fall back towards the middle of the graveyard, dying in droves beneath your weapons, blood and rain soaking the ground together. They’re forming a circle, and at first you assume they’re trying to avoid being flanked. But as you push forwards, you realize that they’re forming up to protect something.

You catch sight of a robed goat-like creature with black fur, standing at a stone altar. A sickly green aura surrounds it, as if it’s casting some kind of spell. Though you’ve never seen one of these beings before, its macabre appearance makes you think of the words Faustus spoke to you what seems like a lifetime ago…

“Alas, the enemies our kingdom faces have great power. They can part the veil of death itself, and use nefarious sorceries to resurrect their most valued minions – returning them to life so that they may continue their wicked assault upon this land.” So this is one of their necromancers…

“No! No!” moans a voice beside you. You turn, and see the man who spoke to Cassandra earlier.

“What does that altar do?” you ask.

“It’s linked to energy channels across the cemetery!” he says. “A necromancer standing there can raise corpses from anywhere!”

You renew your efforts, hacking your way through the beastmen. A gap appears in their line, and you dart through it – relying on your companions to keep the others occupied, so they don’t converge on you. The necromancer doesn’t even look at you as you rush towards him. He just keeps muttering inaudible words, a black-furred hand raised aloft.

As your weapon swings through the air, the green glow around the necromancer fades. Then the creature falls, its skull cracking against the stone altar before it slumps next to it.

“Too late!” mutters Roland.

Around the cemetery, the graves are giving up their occupants. Dead hands are clawing through the earth, and zombies pulling themselves forth. Their eyes glow green through the rain, like dozens of eldritch lights, each one the same color as the necromancer’s aura.

Cassandra runs across the cemetery, her hair and dress soaked, followed by the troops you assigned to protect her. With the dead rising, the carriage on the edge of the cemetery offers no safety. She darts aside as one of the zombies clutches at her, and a sword swing removes the zombie’s head the next moment. You move aside as she reaches you, allowing her to get behind you.

“I can’t free them,” yells the robed man. “That thing’s spell… I can’t break it.”

You nod in silence. You didn’t expect things to be that easy. They never are. Your companions form a circle around the altar, where the now slain beastmen once stood, and await the undead horde that shambles towards you.

The zombies are moaning something, its meaning buried by the roar of the falling rain until they draw close. Then you hear the words, and realize that they’re saying, “Braaaaains! Braaaaaains!”

“They want to eat our brains?” asks Medea, the tune from her harp becoming sharp with her disgust.

“No!” says the robed man. “Their bodies are being controlled by the spell, but they still have command of their voices. They’re telling you to pierce their brains. That’s how you kill a zombie! Pierce the brain, or sever the head!”


"Brains..." murmurs the last zombie, as it descends into the embrace of the death once more.

The storm has died as well, at least for the moment. Grey clouds still seethe above, like malevolent spirits. But only a light drizzle now falls upon the cemetery, and the bodies which litter its muddy grass and drenched paths.

The ground is covered with great mounds of corpses, a veritable sea of the dead. Remarkably, the damp air isn't filled with the stench you'd expect. In fact, the bodies smell quite fragrant. No doubt corpses in Vornstaag are given special treatments, in preparation for their coming existences as zombies.

"My father's castle!" says Cassandra, tugging at your arm to get your attention. Her golden hair is plastered to her, and water trickles down her anxious face. "We need to help him!"

You nod, and give the orders. You move between the graves, heading towards where Castle Vornstaag looms in the distance, rising above the other buildings in the town.