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Zoe's Eternal Slaughter Epic Magic

Attacks by any raid member have a 1% chance to deal 1200% damage
Zoes eternal slaughter
"Since we returned the title of Immortal to the kingdom, as a reward for our finest heroes, a number of brave men and women have risen to that lofty status. They have shown all of us -- whether knight or craftsman, noble or commoner, soldier or king -- that West Kruna's boldest sons and daughters stand unyielding against any who would threaten this beloved land. But today I must recognize one above all others, for Zoe's blade has cut her a path to even loftier heights. And so I name her our first Immortal Drake-Slayer! Let the kingdom ring with her name!" -- King Jamus I
Obtained By:

Reach Lvl 5000 on Facebook

Additional Info:

Awarded to Zoe upon reaching lvl 5000 along with the Immortal Drake-Slayer class


Commemorates Zoe, the first Immortal Drake Slayer (Facebook)

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