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Yeti Hunter's Snow Bear Mount
Raid damage: 1925

Duel power: 262
Attack: 385
Defense: 385
Stalker of the Snow: Chance for bonus damage (+100%); Increases Energy by 20, Health by 75; Extra Energy and Health for each additional Yeti Hunter item owned, including General, Troop and Legion

Mount yeti hunter
Nordent's bears are as fierce and hardy as its humans, born to endure the harshness of the tundra. They're cunning as well, able to find prey in the seemingly barren, snowy wastes and avoid becoming the prey of more fearsome creatures. Yeti hunters have a particular respect for their ursine counterparts, and sometimes take cubs to raise as mounts or companions.
Obtained By:

Bazaar: 30Planet Coin; Planet CoinLimited Time Item 21/9/12 - 5/10/12 for 30 Planet Coins, Planet CoinRetired Expeditions 12/28/12 - 04/01/13

Part of Yeti Hunter's Set

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