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Yellow Knight's Helm Helm
Raid damage: 970

Duel power: 118
Attack: 205
Defense: 150
Yellow Destiny: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Yellow Knight set item equipped.

Helm yellow knight
VI. When the killing was ended, he shared the charnel house with six blood-splattered warriors. The one in red introduced them as the Order of the Seven, though she winced when she spoke the number. She told Emeric they were hunting a demon, to avenge a fallen comrade, but had stopped when they saw him fighting the gang of bandits. Emeric thanked them for their aid, and asked if he might accompany them on their quest in return. The woman in red seemed uncertain, but when the blue knight spoke out and said he didn't believe in coincidence, she nodded her head and accepted the offer.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item 20Planet Coin Planet Coins from 12/14/12 until 12/28/12

Part of Yellow Knight Set

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