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Yellow Knight's Breastplate Chest
Raid damage: 970

Duel power: 118
Attack: 205
Defense: 150
Yellow Destiny: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Yellow Knight set item equipped.

Chest yellow knight

Chest yellow knight f

VII. They rode onward, Emeric sharing the violet knight's steed -- for she was the lightest among them, and thus her mount would have less to bear. During the journey the violet-clad gnome told him about their order and its proud history. She spoke of how they always boasted seven knights, one for every color of the rainbow, with a successor named each time a knight fell in battle or else believed it was their time to retire. But with a grim voice she told him too of how the yellow knight and his squire had perished at a demon's hands.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item 20Planet Coin Planet Coins from 12/14/12 until 12/28/12

Part of Yellow Knight Set

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