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Wolf Beastman Illusion Torso Epic Chest
Raid damage: 550

Duel power: 73
Attack: 110
Defense: 110
Increases Attack and Defense by 90 if the Wolf Beastman Illusion Head is owned

Chest wolf beastman illusion

Chest wolf beastman illusion f

4. "Having thus renounced violence, at least for the present moment, I instead elected for subterfuge. As the beastmen approached, drawing uncomfortably close to my present hiding place, I employed my not inconsiderable proficiency as an illusionist. With the uttering of an incantation and a series of undignified gestures, I covered myself in the likeness of a lupine beastman -- a disguise calculated and conceived to deceive the nose and ear as well as the eye." -- Renfru, mage and scholar
Obtained By:

Common loot from Frog-Men Assassins (Raid)

Part of Wolf Beastman Illusion Set

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