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Wolf Beastman Illusion Legs Epic Pants
Raid damage: 550

Duel power: 73
Attack: 110
Defense: 110
Increases Attack and Defense by 90 if the Wolf Beastman Illusion Head is owned

Pants wolf beastman illusion

Pants wolf beastman illusion f

6. "You may wonder how I maintained my deception once face to face with the beastmen. For though I had to all appearances become a perfect simulacrum of their kind, I had no understanding of their bestial language. However, fortune was my ally - for they had a number of kobolds in their midst. And as some among you may be aware, beastmen and kobolds each have their own quite distict languages. Thus they communicate with one another, and indeed their draconic masters, in the common tongue -- which it's believed they were taught by the dragons themselves. So I was able to reply to their inquiries, in a voice made suitably bestial by the sorcery in which I was enshrouded. Furthermore, I peppered my statements with murderous invectives directed at humankind, to render my speech all the more convincing." -- Renfru, mage and scholar
Obtained By:

Rare loot from Frog-Men Assassins (Raid)

Part of Wolf Beastman Illusion Set

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