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Wolf Beastman Illusion Head Epic Helm
Raid damage: 550

Duel power: 73
Attack: 110
Defense: 110

Helm wolf beastman illusion

Helm wolf beastman illusion f

3. "Fortunately, either my philosophical musings, my oenological repast, or my impromptu period of somnolence, had sharpened my wits. I reacted with laudable mental swiftness, and hit upon the most appropriate form of spellcraft for the difficulty at hand. I was reluctant to resort to violence. Not due to any moral or ethical qualms, of course -- for like most mages I possess little of either. Why had I spent years mastering the arcane arts if not to hurl destructive magics against individuals whom I found particularly disagreeable? But rather more practical matters stayed my hand. If I emerged from the bushes flinging magic here and there, and failed to destroy all of my adversaries, the results might have proven less than satisfactory." -- Renfru, mage and scholar
Obtained By:

Epic loot from Frog-Men Assassins (Raid)

Part of Wolf Beastman Illusion Set

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