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Wolf Beastman Illusion Axe Epic Main Hand
Raid damage: 550

Duel power: 73
Attack: 110
Defense: 110
Increases Attack and Defense by 90 if the Wolf Beastman Illusion Head is owned

Main wolf beastman illusion
1. "I was lying amongst the bushes at the foot of an oak tree, basking in the cooling shade of leafy foliage whilst ruminating on the mysteries of the universe, and replenishing the strength expended by these erudite cogitations with the aid of a skin filled with the most sweet and delectable wine. This deep contemplation acted as something of a soporific, and I must have fallen asleep. For when I next opened my eyes, I perceived the sound of growling jaws from near at hand." -- Renfru, mage and scholar
Obtained By:

Epic loot from Frog-Men Assassins (Raid)

Part of Wolf Beastman Illusion Set

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