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Wintermail Spangenhelm Rare Helm
Raid damage: 674

Duel power: 87
Attack: 138
Defense: 122
Winter Night Curse: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Bludheim raids; Extra damage for each additional Wintermail item worn; Extra damage if the Abominable Yeti Skull is equipped; Extra damage if Inga, Jarla of Hearts is equipped

Helm wintermail
I. The Wintermail... A cause of envy and strife, murder and sorrow. Cursed are those who long for it, in dire peril is he who possess it. The mail was once as white as the purest snow, a mother's gift to her dearest son. But such finery drew envious gazes. Thus it brought doom instead of salvation. One of the son's own clansmen slew him away from other eyes, and despoiled him of the hauberk.
Obtained By:

Drops from Snow Beastman Pack

Part of Wintermail Set

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