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Wintermail Boots Rare Boots
Raid damage: 674

Duel power: 87
Attack: 138
Defense: 122
Winter Night Curse: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Bludheim raids; Extra damage for each additional Wintermail item worn; Extra damage if the Abominable Yeti Skull is equipped; Extra damage if Inga, Jarla of Hearts is equipped

Boots wintermail
V. Darker grew the hauberk, until white gave way to grey and the Wintermail bore the color of ash. But still the fates who'd gathered around it were not satisfied. The woman met her own demise on the very next day, slain by bandits who wrested the grim treasure from her dying arms. She wasn't the last. Life after life was lost to greed, for all souls with the trace of evil in their hearts who looked upon the Wintermail yearned to possess it at any cost. And thus the armor that had once been purest white was made black as night by the sins of man.
Obtained By:

Drops from Snow Beastman Pack

Part of Wintermail Set

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