Wexxa the Worm-Tamer


Wexxa the Worm-Tamer is the third boss encounter for Subterranean Depths (Area: Gorehand Tunnels). As with all bosses, Wexxa the Worm-Tamer can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence wexxa Wexxa the Worm-Tamer Essence Used to summon Wexxa the Worm-Tamer (Raid) Wexxa the Worm-Tamer quest boss
Essence magmahorror Magma Horror Essence Used to summon Magma Horror Raid Subterranean Depths quest bosses
Oroctreaty 4 Aquamarine Human-Oroc Treaty Used to craft Blood and Crystal Quest Boss - Wexxa the Worm-Tamer
Pants dwarven Ancient Dwarven Legplates 60 70 78 70 Increases Energy by 3 and Stamina by 1 Quest Boss - Wexxa the Worm-Tamer
Jappa Jappa 63 300 138 Rock Runner: Increases Player's Energy by 40 Quest Boss - Guilbert the Mad and Wexxa the Worm-Tamer
Oroccrystals 1 Brown Oroc Crystal Craft x2 Stat Points Subterranean Depths raids, quests, help requests and gifting
Oroccrystals 2 Grey Oroc Crystal Craft x2 Stat Points Subterranean Depths raids, quests, help requests and gifting
Oroccrystals 3 Green Oroc Crystal Craft x2 Stat Points Subterranean Depths raids, quests, help requests and gifting
Oroccrystals 4 Blue Oroc Crystal Craft x2 Stat Points Subterranean Depths raids, quests, help requests and gifting
Oroccrystals 5 Purple Oroc Crystal Craft x2 Stat Points Subterranean Depths raids, quests, help requests and gifting
Oroccrystals 6 Orange Oroc Crystal Craft x2 Stat Points Subterranean Depths raids, quests, help requests and gifting


Enter battle

A glorious chord rings out, a musical cry of triumph. Medea follows her song, and to your left her sword takes a goblin through the throat. Solus is only a moment behind, and even in the midst of the melee - as his claws and teeth wreak bloody havoc among enemy ranks - you wonder how he managed to slither under the narrow opening.

As soon as the first of your companions slide, roll, or crawl under the rising slab of metal, the battle begins to turn. Like water finding its way through a crack in a dam, the trickle soon becomes a flood. The first warriors carve out a space, allowing those behind them to come through in their wake. In mere moments the goblins are faced with destruction.

The area around the wheel is soon clear, and the frontline of the clash is pushed further up the tunnel - you savage enemies forced to give ground and blood. You halt for a moment before pressing on with your comrades, and turn to where Roland and Raknur disappeared.

You glimpse them amidst the melee, still side-by-side, orange crustal and darting steel carving their way through the fray.

"What's that noise?" Medea asks, her battle hymn becoming troubled and ominous.

"What noise?" you ask. You can hear nothing other than the sounds of battle.

But as you strain, you pick out that her keener ears detected immediately. It's a wet, slithering, scraping sound. And it's coming this way...

Circles of long, sharp teeth loom from the dimness further down the tunnel, surrounded by slimy flesh and brutal, hooked barbs. A moment later the creature is revealed in all its abominable glory - a gigantic worm, its head rising above curling coils of hideous, chitinous flesh. Atop this monstrosity stands a goblin woman, her face hidden behind a dull metal mask. In one hand she clutches the monster's reins. In the other is a primitive, barbaric spear, its wicked blade resembling one of the creature's teeth.

The worm-rider screams a command, and the remaining goblins fight with renewed vigor - either inspired by the presence of their leader and her fearsome mount, or else afraid of her wrath.

Solus is already bounding to your side. You jump into the saddle, and he launches you both into the air, carrying you towards the monstrosity. Its goblin rider meets your gaze as you swoop towards her, and she barks out something in her guttural language.

The worm's cavernous maw fills your vision, and the stench of rotting flesh taints the air as it rises up to devour you.


Solus' claws dig deep into the worm's flesh, anchoring you both in place. The creature thrashes, though whether from the dragon's claws or the countless wounds inflicted by your companions you cannot say. The goblin woman looks over her shoulder, and her eyes blaze from the holes in her mask.

The blue drake takes a step along the creature's back, his claws digging in again to provide fresh purchase. The worm continues to thrash from side to side, but this part of its length, near its monstrous head, remains stable. It must be trained not to risk the life of its rider.

The goblin utters something which you're sure must be a curse, and turns to engage you. She reaches to her waist with the hand holding the beast's reins, fastening the rope to something at her belt. Then she takes a two-handed grip on her spear, and lunges.

The blow is aimed at Solus' eyes. But though his feet are stuck in place and unable to defend his face, his mouth is free. His head turns, and his jaws clamp on the weapon's shaft -- holding it in a firm grip. The goblin curses again, trying to yank the weapon free. It's at that moment that you leap, first jumping to stand up in the saddle, and then springing through the air at her.

The goblin woman's eyes widen in fear, and she makes one last, futile yank at the shaft of her spear. Then your blade is through her breast, the blow so powerful that it strikes her down and pierces the flesh of the worm beneath.

She howls, and both worm and rider begin to thrash. But their trashing is weak, impotent. Either by chance, or by some enigmatic connection between the two beings, both let out a final, rasping breath of air at the exact same moment, and then fall still.


"Could have been worse," remarks Roland.

He winces slightly as the Sister of Radiance runs a glowing fingertip across his wound. There's a scent of burning flesh as the shallow wound closes in its wake.

"How come you never seem to get cut to pieces when we fight?" he asks.

"Because I'm great?" you reply.

The adventurer chuckles.

A haunting melody, somehow heartening in spite of its bittersweet tones, twirls from Medea's harp. The injured warriors sitting or lying near her have rapt, tranquil expressions on their faces, even one whose grievous wounds are beyond any treatment. Such is the power of her music, that it can make her listeners shrug off their suffering as though it were a garment, and rob even an agonizing death of its pain.

On the other side of the tunnel, Lucian is treating other wounded soldiers to a discourse on the nature of the rock worm. You assume this will have a similar anesthetizing effect on them.

Her work on Roland done, the Sister moves off to administer her skills elsewhere. It's then that Raknur approaches the two of you.

"Your wounds are not serious, sword-taker?"

"Just a scratch."

"Those words please me beyond measure. We fought like gods of war, you and I. The black depths will be full of wailing voices crying out our names."

"If you say so," Roland replies.

"I wish to speak with you, sword-taker. There are things I would have you know."

You begin to rise, but Raknur gestures for you to stay.

"You should hear this too, draken-kasan." He squats beside where you and Roland are sitting on the tunnel floor. "Tell me, do you think me petty? That I'm bitter for losing a treasure I sought?"

"The thought had crossed my mind," says Roland.

"In those days my people had many enemies. Wars often came to our caverns, or else voracious beasts threatened those of us who strayed too far into the darkness. It was for this reason that I went to the surface in my youth, determined to find a weapon powerful enough to defend my clan." He gestures at the sword on the left of Roland's belt. "When I learned of that blade, that men call Rogar's First..."

"I've always called it Rogar's Dream," Roland says.

"Yes..." The oroc smiles. "A fitting name. When I learned of it, that a human noble was offering it as a prize, I knew that it was the weapon I sought. And so I entered Nemler's dungeon, and met you. As I said, I took you for a hired adventurer. A man paid to add the weapon to a noble's collection or treasure chamber, as if such a fine weapon were a mere bauble."

"Truth be told, that was the plan. A thrice-damned noblewoman had a hold over me. She wanted the sword, and I was to get it for her. But when I held it in my hand... Well, I knew I couldn't hand it over. No matter what. And I've had it ever since. Didn't think I'd ever use it again though, until the beastmen and kobolds attacked Burden's Rest."

Raknur nods, as though absorbing the information, and mulling over the adventurer's words.

"When I realized that I had been deceived, that the sword was beyond my reach, I intended to find you and exact my revenge. But then I received word of my people, that war with a rival clan threatened us. So I returned to our caverns, and arrived in time to take part in the battle.

"In that time, my father was the greatest warrior of our clan. He wielded this sword I now hold, and was the bane of our enemies. It was to be the first battle in which I was given the honor of fighting at his side, and my heart hardened with pride.

"As the melee raged, and oroc clashed with oroc, the mightiest of their champions came for my father. He was a kinsman of Maraak, whom we slew in the death chamber, draken-kasan. A fierce warrior, whose spikes had already slain many of our people that day.

"When he approached, my father stumbled -- his leg wounded. As I saw what was happening, I slew my opponent and rushed to my father's aid. I drew back my arm, and thrust my weapon at our enemy's side. But my sword broke. The crystal shattered upon his body. And so he was able to strike his blow, and pierce my father's skull.

"If Rogar's... Dream... had been in my hand, my father would have lived, and the enemy champion would have perished in his stead. The battle would have been won. Instead we were vanquished. It was on that day that I swore my oath, by all the gods who would listen, by the crystals of my ancestors. I swore that when I found the man who had taken the sword from me, I would slay him. And I would find the weapon in turn, wherever it might be, and bring it back to my clan. Either that, or perish in the attempt. Only then could I face my father in the crystal kingdom.

"I returned to the surface, and searched the land for my enemy. But I could find no trace of him."

"I was a wanted man," says Roland. "A gift from that well-born bitch who sent me into the dungeon. So I kept traveling, as far away as my adventures could take me."

"In time I was called back to my clan. My elder brother had fallen to a monster in the tunnels." Raknur holds up his orange blade. "This sword was mine. And it was my duty to take it up and defend my people. I always yearned to walk under the sun once more, and find you. But threat followed threat here in the rock, and I thought my chance would never come -- that I would be forced to fail my father a second time. Then fate brought you here, sword-taker. Our destinies are coming to pass."


Solus hisses in annoyance, but he heeds your command -- and flies you away from the giant worm and its immense maw.

"We must destroy this enemy," he says. "If we don't reach the dragons' lair, the war itself may be lost."

HP & Max Damage

  • Normal - 700 HP, 455 Max Damage
  • Hard - 980 HP, 455 Max Damage
  • Legendary - 1400 HP, 455 Max Damage
  • Nightmare - 2520 HP, 455 Max Damage