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Warrior of the Breaking Dawn Epic Troop
Legion damage: 165.6

Duel power: 73
Attack: 80
Defense: 140
Trans16 Any
Role healer Healer
Source strength Strength

Warrior of the breaking dawn
Brave warriors of every race and social station came to Sir Walter's side when he created the Order of the Breaking Dawn. All share his belief that hope is the most valuable gift they can give to the men, women, and children of West Kruna. Thus they wish to show its inhabitants that the dragons' darkness will falter in time, yielding to a brighter future for the kingdom.
Obtained By:

Crafting together the following materials from Purple-Orange Dawn Chest, Green-Blue Dawn Chest, Brown-Grey Dawn Chest


Additional Info:

Recrafting Sir Walter of the Breaking Dawn and Breaking Dawn will yield 4 and 3 troops respectively.

Part of Breaking Dawn Set


  • Warrior of the Breaking Dawn is a part of 4 recipes.

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Name Type Recraft Type
Breaking Dawn Misc/Tokens
Solus coins brown
Solus coins blue
Solus coins purple
Legion 1
Warrior of the breaking dawn

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