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Warning Ring Epic Ring
Raid damage: 110

Duel power: 27
Attack: 10
Defense: 70
Increases Stamina by 4; Danger! Danger!

Ring warning
After a series of unsuccessful marriage proposals, a young man realized that he was making rather a fool of himself. He hence had a spell put on the engagement ring, so that it would yell out warnings if he tried to do anything foolish. Its advice also proved rather useful in combat.
Obtained By:

Epic loot from:

Additional Info:

Danger! commentary:

  • Warning Ring says: "Behind you! No, wait... That's just a shadow. Sorry."
  • Warning Ring says: "Duck!"
  • Warning Ring says: "Look out!"
  • Warning Ring says: "Oh no! An amphibious assault!"
  • Warning Ring says: "Parry left! Dodge right! No -- the other right!"

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