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Vornex's Steed Epic Mount
Raid damage: 1966

Duel power: 255
Attack: 400
Defense: 366
Karuss' Curse: Increases Stamina by 20; Chance for bonus damage

Mount vornex

IX. Once the panic had died down, Vornex's parents gave him the beating of his life. Then they wept. Then they beat him some more. Then they wept again. Finally, his mother and father got down on their knees -- beating him around the head until he did the same -- and pleaded for Karuss to show mercy. Either because he valued the man and woman's decades of piety, or else because he wished to prove to Vornex that he did indeed possess a sense of humor, Karuss answered their prayers. He altered the curse, so that whenever Vornex committed an act of goodness part of his body would regain the appearance of humanity. But whenever he sinned, the demonic flesh would reclaim a portion of his hide.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinRetired Expeditions 01/18/13 - 3/29/13

Part of Vornex's Set

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