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Vornex's Blade Epic Main Hand
Raid damage: 1475

Duel power: 192
Attack: 300
Defense: 275
Karuss' Curse: Increases Stamina by 20; Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Vornex set item equipped

Main vornex
2.5% chance to obtain from Expeditions
I. It's said that whilst some people come to faith, others have it thrust upon them. This was very much so with Vornex. His father was a priest of Karuss, and his mother shared her husband's piety in full measure. Thus on the night he was born, his parents filled their home with prayers of gratitude, and called upon their deity to see that their son lived a good and pious life.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinRetired Expeditions 01/18/13 - 3/29/13

Part of Vornex's Set

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