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Vigbjorn the Crazed unique Troop
Legion damage: 360

Duel power: 133
Attack: 200
Defense: 200
Race human Human
Trans16 Any
Trans16 Any
Crazy Convictions: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each different Mount owned; Chance for a Lore yell; After a Lore yell, Vigbjorn is guaranteed to produce additional bonus raid damage for the next three hits; Vigbjorn's Attack increases by 10 and Defense increases by 5 for each different mount owned.

Vigbjorn the crazed

Vigbjorn the crazed af
April fools Version

"They say I'm mad! But I've seen one... Out upon the snows... A blue yeti! My father hunted for them his whole life. Men called him crazed too. But the blue yetis knew he was their enemy, and they killed him. They were cunning... The damned monsters didn't slay him with their teeth, and leave marks for the clan to see. No... They poisoned his ale instead, so everyone would think he died a drunkard's death. But I know the truth! They haven't fooled Vigbjorn, son of Vigr! I'll hunt them, and bring one's carcass back to the clan as proof. Then they'll beg my forgiveness for their insults, and beg my father's pardon in the underworld! Bah! Why am I telling you this, you stupid horse? You don't believe me either, do you? I knew it! But you'll see... You'll all see..." -- Vigbjorn the Crazed
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item 09/21/12 - 10/05/12 for 100 Planet Coins, Planet CoinRetired Expeditions 12/28/12 - 04/01/13

Additional Info:

This troop is unique

Lore yell:
"Even my horse doubts my word. Stupid mare..."
"Look at those footprints! A blue yeti's been this way!"
"I've killed dozens of yetis in search of their blue kin. White, grey, red... But I think the grey ones just had dirty fur, and the red ones were covered in blood..."
"The sagas say Hrolf killed a black yeti. But maybe it was a dark shade of blue..."
"This enemy we face is no blue yeti! My hunt must continue!"
"I saw one on a cold winter's night, when the ale burned in my belly and blurred my sight..."
"The blue yetis will pay for my father's death!"
"There! A blue yeti! I knew it! I told you they were real! I told you all! I... Oh. Well, it looked like a blue yeti..."


Vigbjorn the crazed big

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