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Vampiric wyrm raid small Vampiric Wyrm (World Raid)
Size Players Magics Timer (hrs) Cooldown
World 90,000 0 120 N/A
Dragon , Undead
  • First released on 20th May 2016
  • Second release on 20th April 2018
Loot Table
Dotd loot vampiric wyrm


Item Name Type Atk Def Per Ability
Collection draconic ash 7 red Red Draconic Ash Crafting Component Craft Arethusa, Arethusa's Elite Archer, The Darkness Below, Gorget of the Unturned
Arethusas archer troop Arethusa's Archer Troop 200 130 Undead Ranged Special
Gains 25 Attack and Defense if Arethusa is in the active legion; Gains 25 Attack and Defense while in The Darkness Below legion; Gains 2 Defense for each Arethusa's Archer in the active legion; Provides a 1% Legion Special Power Bonus while in The Darkness Below legion
Potion satchel Potion Satchel Consumable Double-click to receive your potion!
Sculpted crystal Sculpted Crystal Boost Increases Kezeraa's Attack and Defense by 30 and extra damage by 140; Increases Cornerstone's Attack and Defense by 10 and damage by 1,000; Increases Dismantle's damage by 1% (MAX: 50)
Helm life debt Life-Debt Helm Helm 0 0


Whether a joke of the gods or the long work of a vampire's bite during the Dragon's War finally coming to gestation, rumors among the undead of a vampiric dragon stirring below the earth are too horrific to ignore.

Raid Info

Community loot:

The second release added extra tiers: