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Vampire's Fang Talisman unique Neck
Raid damage: 1750

Duel power: 233
Attack: 350
Defense: 350
Intimate Trophy: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage if Blood-Drinker's Band Is equipped; Extra damage against Undead raids; Increases Player's Attack by 500; Increases Player's Attack against Undead by 750

Neck vampires fang talisman
Mina pulled you aside and whispered in your ear. She told you about loin-dead vampires, for whom the bite has become not only feeding or even foreplay, but a replacement for conventional lovemaking. Thus in certain circles wearing a fang around your neck is akin to wearing someone's severed manhood.

You shrugged, and told her it worked even better that way. Who's going to quarrel with a %man% who might cut their private parts off and wear them as jewelry?

Obtained By:

Unlocking the Locked Vampiric Lockbox