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Valanazes the Gold is the fifth boss encounter for The Dragons' Claw (Area: All that Glitters). As with all bosses, Valanazes the Gold can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence valanazes Valanazes the Gold Essence Used to summon Valanazes the Gold (Raid) Valanazes the Gold quest boss
Essence dragons lair Dragon's Lair Essence Used to summon Dragon's Lair Raid Normal or Hard Dragon's Lair (Raid) or Valanazes the Gold quest boss
Chest dark drake Dark Drake Breastplate 100 90 123 90 Ebon Scales: Chance for bonus raid damage Possible drop from Valanazes the Gold quest boss
Gold bottle of blood Gold Bottle of Blood Used to upgrade Mina von Richten to Mina von Richten2 Valanazes the Gold quest boss
Citadel book stables Stables Book This book allows you to construct the Stables in your Citadel, and can be obtained by defeating Valanazes the Gold (quest version) on Normal difficulty. Quest: N Valanazes the Gold
Citadel scroll research library Research Library Scroll 2 This scroll allows you to construct additional items from the Research Library in your Citadel. N Valanazes the Gold
Mobile Version only
Legion 1 Wyrm-Slayers II Nightmare Valanazes the Gold quest boss
Dragon tooth brown Brown Dragon's Tooth Craft x2 Stat Points The Dragons' Claw raids, quests, help requests
Dragon tooth grey Grey Dragon's Tooth Craft x2 Stat Points The Dragons' Claw raids, quests, help requests
Dragon tooth green Green Dragon's Tooth Craft x2 Stat Points The Dragons' Claw raids, quests, help requests
Dragon tooth blue Blue Dragon's Tooth Craft x2 Stat Points The Dragons' Claw raids, quests, help requests
Dragon tooth purple Purple Dragon's Tooth Craft x2 Stat Points The Dragons' Claw raids, quests, help requests
Dragon tooth orange Orange Dragon's Tooth Craft x2 Stat Points The Dragons' Claw raids, quests, help requests


Enter battle

Your hindquarters don't welcome their jarring impact against Solus' saddle. But the rest of you bears the ache with fortitude, glad that your body isn't being smashed against the ground instead.

Valanazes is less fortunate. Gravity must be developing quite the appetite for drakes...

A thunderous crash is followed by an equally thunderous roar -- one which shows that he's survived the terrible collision, but perhaps wishes that he hadn't.

Solus descends in a gentle, swooping arc. You pass over the golden wyrm, who's struggling his way into a standing position upon the grass, and notice that your sword is missing from his neck. The impact evidently did what mere human muscles could not. But you see no sign of the weapon.

Your companions are running towards you from the village. Their weapons glisten red in the moonlight, crimson banners proclaiming their victory over the beastmen.

Roland is the first to reach you as you touch down.

"The villagers..." you ask.

"They're fine. Between the assassins and the archers the bastards were dead before they knew what was happening."

An involuntary release of laughter tumbles from your mouth. It falls into a cascade of harp music as Medea draws near. The others aren't far behind. You glance at Roland's swords.

"I need a weapon," you say.

"I fight better with two."

Both of you glance at the bard. She rolls her eyes, sighs with her strings, and passes you her sword.

"Don't die wielding it. Among my people that's considered to be an ill omen." "I'll see what I can do," you reply.

Valanazes pushes himself into a standing position. His wings expand like a human's stretching arms, the ravaged left one quivering and halting. Blue eyes glare at you.

"Four drakes in a single day..." Medea says, strumming her harp and sending forth a glorious melody. "Not even Terracles managed that. But five... Now that would be a song worth singing."

The dragon roars. You smile.


Perhaps fate is tired of hearing threats rasping from the mouths of dying dragons. Maybe Valanazes is ready to accept the inevitability of death with better grace. Or it could be a mournful acceptance that he's the last of his force, that no avenger waits in the wings to strike against you. Whatever the reason, the golden dragon succumbs to a wordless end -- the final finger of the Dragons' Claw joining the other four in the underworld with nothing more than an exhalation and an expanding of his pupils.

"Your sword," you say, holding the weapon out to Medea.

She glances at the blade before meeting your gaze.

"Do you always return borrowed possessions covered in blood and gore?" she asks.

You gesture to one of the vampires, and thrust the sword into his eager hands when he approaches. Slurping and slobbering fill the air as his tongue goes to work. The nosferatu do love their dragon's blood...

Medea glares at you. Then she sighs, rolls her eyes, dances her fingers along her harp strings, and walks away.


For a small village, Krungsburg has a remarkably abundant supply of ale. As their bear-like mayor explains between the second and third mammoth tankards, they supply their local brew to towns and villages across Stromhamre. But they seem quite content to allow their saviors to demolish a great portion of their stock.

Thus ale and laughter flow in the village square in spite of the early hour, and the world takes on the warm bright glow that those two things bring in their wake.

It's in the middle of your ninth or perhaps tenth retelling of your battles against each member of the Dragons' Claw, your words stroked and nurtured by Medea's music, that your eyes catch Marcus'.

You sought him out after the dragon was slain, but he was engaged in his usual post-battle duties -- seeing to the troops, speaking with the wounded, bolstering their spirits.

It's time you talked to him...

You bring the story to a swift end, and your audience is too inebriated to complain at its truncation. Medea shifts into a martial ballad as you excuse yourself and move away, her melodious voice joining her harp now that your more plebian tones have fallen silent.

Marcus gestures to you before walking off, passing through a gap between two of the buildings that encircle the square. You follow him onto a shadowy belt of grass between village and forest, to where a wide timberframe house shields the two of you from all other eyes.

"Well, I'm still alive."

You laugh. But the attempt at levity dies in your throat when his expression remains solemn, no trace of a smile crossing his lips.

"Thank you for stopping me."

"But if it happened again you'd do the same thing, wouldn't you? March off to your doom without a second thought?"

"If I thought there was no other way. I couldn't leave these people to die."

"You're not just a warrior, playername, a lone hero wandering the world on his/her adventures. You're a leader. Our leader. You had no right to try running off in the night without a word, like a youth/girl sneaking away to meet his/her lover. When you've been placed in charge of men and women, when so many rely on you for leadership in battle, you have responsibilities to your fellow commanders and to the troops who follow you."

Angry words bubble in your throat, alcohol and self-righteousness urging a bitter retort. But they falter and disintegrate before Marcus' frank, hard stare.

"This war is greater than either of us," he continues. "Never forget that. If you'd sacrificed yourself, lives may have been saved here. But two drakes would still live, ready to cause whatever harm they could elsewhere, perhaps to change the course of this war in the dragons' favor. You would be buying an easy conscience and a noble death at the expense of others beyond your sight."

Arguments rise and fall from your mind and tongue. You yearn to contradict him, to defend yourself. But you know he's right.

"I'm sorry," you manage at last.

The words seem hollow, pathetic -- those of a child caught performing some trivial misdeed. But Marcus nods, evidently satisfied by what his guardsman's gaze sees within your eyes, all the telltale signs of thought and emotion.

"And there's something else..."

"Thank you. For saving my life."

He shakes his head.

"Not that. We've fought together so many times, protected each other's backs so often, that I don't require words of gratitude. But when we fought in the tower..."

"I'm sorry," you repeat. "If I could undo it..."

"You can't. But you can make it up to me." A faint smile crosses his face, piercing his solemnity. "You see, if we hadn't been interrupted, I think I would have won."

"I don't."

"Then there's only one way to find out."

You laugh.

"Here? Right now?"

"You owe me, remember?"

"If you say so..."

The two of you shift into fighting stances. Then you lunge, grasping each other in a wrestlers' clinch.'


Forget it! You did your part when you risked your life crashing the dragon into the ground. Let someone else finish him off!

But even as the thought drifts across your mind you know it's foolish. You can't desert your friends. The drake must die by your hand.

Additional Information

Suggested defensive levels to achieve 1 damage from quest boss (after July 20th, 2012 update to quest boss damages):


3500 def 1000 health , he dealt 1 dmg/hit

2518 def, he did 90 dmg in 1 hit... needed scrolls

2700 def, he did 27 dmg, 5k dmg done him in 2 hits


  • 2145 def - 590 health, second hit >635 health. Suggestion >2700 def (someone please confirm my guess)
  • 2200 hp, 3500 att/defense with gear hits for ~550 damage
  • 2400 hp, 4283 att, 4920 defense got hit for 1,1,1,1,8,1
  • '1500hp , 2550(725 base) atk, 6500 def(4750 base), he dealt 1dmg/hit'


  • 2350 hp, 3229 att, 4912 defense got hit for 180-212 dmg, easy kill
  • 2250 Hp, 3024 att, 3454 defense, Just managed to kill without using pouch items.
  • 1500hp , 2550(725 base) atk , 6500(4750 base) def , got hits 69-61-8-27-21-33 , my 525 dmg*6 hits = 3150 boss health.
  • 1040 hp, 3617 att, 4435 defense. Got hit for around 200, did 720 dmg. Close call, but won in 5 hits.
  • 7240 defense, got 1 damage hits each.

Nightmare (~5300hp - boss health) max damage 720 (8 hits to kill)

  • 2400 hp, 3752 att, 6104 defense got hit for ~683, dead in 4 hits..
  • 3875 hp, 5830 att, 7275 defense got hit for 495-525 (won w/o consumables)
  • 2400 hp, 3922 att, 8022 defense got hit for ~453
  • 7k base def, with items over 10k, val hits me for 100-200
  • 6500 hp, 6875 att, 4565 defense got hit for 600-700 (won w/o consumables)
  • 11,859 defense got hit for 1-64 (majority of hits were 1)

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