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Ularnis Epic General
Legion damage: 666

Duel power: 228
Attack: 245
Defense: 440
Race elf Elf
Role tank Tank
Source agility Agility
Defender of the Forest: Chance for bonus damage; Player's Defense increases by 40 for each unique piece of Forest Guardian gear owned

By ancient custom, the forest guardians select two leaders from their ranks: one male, one female. Each becomes responsible for the warriors of his or her own sex. Such theoretical segregation is deemed to represent how guardians are wedded to their roles as defenders of the land and people, much like the priests and priestesses of certain religious orders. Ularnis, the leader of the male guardians, and Telaria, his female counterpart, are sometimes friends and often lovers -- but always rivals. Each vies to prove themselves and those under their command to be the supreme protectors of the forest. Ularnis and his male guardians are currently ascendant in that rivalry, having brought down a dragon who'd landed to feed whilst spying on their territory.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinRetired Expeditions 9/1/2012-11/09/2012, 02/08/13 - 6/7/2013

Part of Forest Guardian Set

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