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Two-Headed Unicorn Mount
Raid damage: 1100

Duel power: 117
Attack: 250
Defense: 100
Perception: 50
Bicorn?: Chance for bonus damage; Chance to proc twice on the same hit; Extra damage for each Giant Tortoise, Two-Headed Unicorn, and Architect's Golem owned (Max: 10 of each)

Two headed unicorn
"Tell me," the right head mused, "can we really still be called a 'unicorn'?"

"What? Of course we're a unicorn!" the left head replied.

"But we have two horns. Wouldn't that make us a... bicorn... or something?"

The left head snorted. If she'd known the mage's experiments would lead to this kind of existential idiocy, she would have kicked him to death.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item May 17th - May 24th 2013 Mount Chest

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