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Tundra Stalkers Legion

4 Generals: 2 Any, 2 Healer
30 Troops: 30 Any
Power Bonus: 50

Hunters of the Tundra: Inflicts bonus damage; Extra damage for each Yeti's Fur chest owned (up to 500)
Legion 1
Some say yeti hunters work in groups to improve their chances of survival against the savage monsters they stalk. Others believe each hunter merely wants witnesses present -- whom they might impress with their courage and martial prowess, and who may in turn help spread their legend.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item 9/7/12 - 21/7/12 for 10 Planet Coins, Planet CoinRetired Expeditions 12/28/12 - 04/01/13, Starter Pack 1

Part of Yeti Hunter's Set

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