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Tinkerballa General
Legion damage: 912

Duel power: 253
Attack: 380 (+20 at level 5)
Defense: 380 (+20 at level 5)
Race elf Elf
Role ranged Ranged
Trans16 Any
Tinkerballa's Arrows: Chance for bonus damage; Tinkerballa's Attack and Defense increase by 35 for every 3 different Ranged troops owned; Ranged troops in the same legion as Tinkerballa receive +3 Attack and Defense; Chance to create an Arrow of Death that deals severe bonus damage on the next attack; Chance to create a Flaming Arrow that deals heavy bonus damage for the next 3 attacks.

"I'll kill these kobolds and save your stupid village (which doesn't even have a jewelry store, by the way). But it'll cost you. One million gold. Stop crying! You see these arrows I shoot at people? They cost money. And there are plenty of dungeons I could be plundering for loot. So if you don't want your kids eaten, pay up."

"We don't 'ave no gold!" a peasant woman wailed.

Tinkerballa rolled her eyes.

"What do you have?"


"Fine!" She sighed. "But if you tell anyone about this..."

Obtained By: Planet CoinLimited Time Item 7/26/13 - 8/9/13 for 100 Planet Coins
Additional Info: *There are currently 87 different Ranged Troops in the game across all of the platforms.
Reference: Reference to a character with the same name in The Guild (Web Series).

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