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Tiberius Epic General
Legion damage: 420

Duel power: 117
Attack: 175
Defense: 175
Race human Human
Role special Special
Source special Special
Dominus Ludi: Increases Player's Attack and Defense (+50)

Tiberius' father was a merchant with plenty of wealth but little time to raise his son. So he would give the boy a fat pouch of gold and tell him to go amuse himself. Tiberius took to watching fights at the local arena, where he learned all that he could about the games and their participants. He began to wager on the matches, using his natural talent for taking a gladiator's measure to turn his gold into a healthy fortune. He ended up owning a gladiatorial school and managing a stable of fighters before he was able to grow a beard, and it remains one of the most successful in West Kruna.
Obtained By:

Legendary+ Tisiphone The Vengeful (Raid)

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