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Thomas the Terror General
Legion damage: 616

Duel power: 140
Attack: 280
Defense: 140
Race undead Undead
Role ranged Ranged
Source agility Agility
Deadly Delinquency: Chance for bonus damage

Thomas the terror
Clerics preach that at a certain point in a person's life they should put away childish things. Thomas tends to respond by using his slingshot to fling rotten tomatoes at their faces. Born to wealth, he never had any need to work -- and thus continued his juvenile delinquency well into adulthood. His despairing parents, fearful of the damage their son's immaturity would wreak upon the family fortune after their deaths, decided to embrace vampirism rather than allow it to happen. Furthermore, they hoped that immortality as a creature of the night would finally make Thomas grow up. Alas, this hasn't proven to be the case. It's simply forced him to purchase an enchanted slingshot, one capable of withstanding his vampiric strength.
Obtained By:
  • Daily Reward (White) (from 11/14/14)
  • Planet CoinLimited Time Item 30 Planet Coins from 6/29/12 until 7/13/12

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