Here is an incomplete list of all the things you can do in DotD. Some of these things are hard to find but useful.

  • Complete quests. Advance in the game and open up more items for purchase in the Bazaar.
  • Upgrade your character stats. Start off by putting all points into energy and stamina.
  • Start your own Raid after defeating the first boss.
  • Look for links to other raids and join a few. When you and your teammates defeat the boss, everyone gets items.
  • Join a guild and be able to use honor points.
  • Join guild raids for a good place to spend honor points
  • Participate in PVP. Jousts are available after you are in a guild.
  • Create a Legion that helps you fight raid bosses and in duels.
  • Buy items in the Bazaar.
  • Buy land in the Bazaar.
  • Craft items.
  • Learn how to autolevel
  • Earn and spend Achievement points.
  • Expand your Army (Facebook friends, Kong Friends).
  • Spend planet coins. If you don't plan on buying any, the first 10 you get are best spent on an expedition or a good legion.
  • See things not to do
  • See all guides on this wiki
  • read tutorials and guides on the forums

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