"Night gathers and now my watch begins. Join us in the shadows where we stand vigilant."

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Guild Information

The Night Wardens is a players' guild based on Kongregate which takes its title from the 'The Night's Watch' in 'A song of ice and fire' and the 'Grey Wardens' of 'Dragon Age'. We do not have a level requirement but do ask that applicants are regular players. We pride ourselves on being a friendly guild who are always looking to make things better for our Wardens, we have a thread on the Kongregate forum which is used for recruiting as well as exchanging opinions and information.












Guild Lore

In order to provide a more immersive element for those who would enjoy a deeper level of characterisation, Wardens are welcome and ecouraged to submit a player back story or origin to go with the Guild lore. You can find an extract here but the entire backstory can be found on our Kongregate forum thread here


Historians and scholars debate the exact origins of the Night Wardens. Chronicles of West Kruna’s history describe them as a group of warriors, but this seems to be where the similarities end. Some accounts paint the ancient Wardens as an order of knights dedicated to chivalry and honour; others say they were a rogue war band that seized land for rich noblemen before turning on them and keeping the land and coin for themselves. The true history of the Wardens, however, is a little bit of both.

The Night’s Scythe was a mercenary company hired by King Jamus himself to cross the sea and serve West Kruna in its campaign against the draconic horde. The company who had a reputation for turning the tide in battles were sent across the sea by their leaders, who were more than happy to fill their pockets with royal gold whilst their men fought far away from them and their luxurious lifestyles.

The Scythe commanders, each sent to a separate province of the kingdom, proved a colossal boon to the besieged royal army. Whilst there were only a few hundred of them in each company against the countless swarms of beastmen, their superior tactics and experience helped the less experienced but numerically superior West Krunan conscripts gain vital footholds across the country.

Sidexis and The Fall

Enraged by the slaughter of their troops by the Scythe, the dragons themselves rose up and took to the field against them. The Scythe, who had never before seen a dragon or the monstrous power they wielded, were unprepared when the dragon Sidexis led his horde on a personal vendetta against the company, his obsidian eyes glowering as he swore to his draconic brothers that not one of them would make it back home across the sea.

The Scythe took colossal losses across West Kruna; entire companies were wiped out by Sidexis and his troops. The Krunan army began to abandon the Scythe and would no longer march with them, feeling that where once they represented hope for the war, now they were only a liability, one more likely to call down the dragons' wrath. Soon the money and supplies from across the sea dried up, the leaders of the Night’s Scythe no longer willing to risk retribution or the dragons migrating to their homes. The Scythes, cut off and vastly overwhelmed, began to begin a mass retreat to the sea, calling all of their brothers to fight their way to the eastern coast and escape on their ships back home. Here they fell into Sidexis’ final trap: as the Night’s Scythe took to the sea, their ships were burned one by one by the dragon and his forces that had lain in wait for them. As the last blazing ship slipped under the waves, Sidexis looked in pride at the completion of his vengeance. No more help would come from other nations when they heard that the Night’s Scythe -- one of the most famous and renowned armies in the world -- had been destroyed.

Or so the dragon thought…

Take the oath...

If you're interested in joining one of the top Kongregate guilds and are a regular and friendly player then send us an invite. In the event that we should be full to capacity contact Lorena in game and we'll contact you as soon as a position opens up. Both high and low level players are welcome.

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