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The Muramasa Epic Main Hand
Raid damage: 108

Duel power: 10
Attack: 26
Defense: 4

Main muramasa
When the Red Prince returned from his foreign campaigns he brought back many exotic artifacts. One was the Muramasa, or Seeker of Blood. Those who wield it claim to hear a voice in their minds, urging them to kill even at the cost of their own lives.
Obtained By:

Epic drop from:


Muramasa Sengo was a renowned 16th century Japanese swordsmith whose swords were extremely sharp. His swords were outlawed by Tokugawa Ieyasu, who had lost many friends and relatives to swords made by Muramasa. The myth developed that a Muramasa blade, once drawn, must taste blood before it can be re-sheathed, even that of it's wielder.