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The Grail Epic Off Hand
Raid damage: 30

Duel power: 10
Attack: 0
Defense: 30
Perception: 60
Panacea: Chance to restore Health

Off grail
The origins of this magical cup are lost in the sands of time. There are many tales involving the vessel, but the most famous tells of how one of Tyranthius' knights found it at the end of an arduous quest, and used its ever-flowing liquid to heal a dying king.
Obtained By:

Chance to drop during the quest "Many a Slip Twixt Cup and Lip" in Camlann Hill.


The Holy Grail is one of the foremost legends in Christian mythology, and has long been the objective of many quests, both real and fictional, most notably the search for it during The Crusades and, fictionally, that undertaken by King Arthur and his knights.

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Mobile Version Recipe

  • The Grail is a part of one recipe.
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Off grail

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