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The Eternal Dawn Legion

25 Generals: 5 Dwarf, 5 Human, 15 Any
65 Troops: 20 Angel, 20 Melee, 25 Any
18 Armaments: 6 Relic, 6 Siege, 6 Support
Power Bonus: 300%, +900% vs Dragons

Rensha's Eternal: 10% chance to deal 100,000 damage; Extra 10,000 damage for each Champion of the Eternal Dawn in the legion; Extra 200,000 damage against Dragon raids
Legion 3

The battles were fierce and the training rigorous. Thayne walked the world seeking other souls who would join his cause and rally to his beliefs. There were many who tried, but only a few that could meet his demands. His demands, he reasoned, were the demands of Tor'gyyl itself and only excellence would suffice.

Obtained By:



  • The Eternal Dawn is a part of one recipe.
The Eternal Dawn Misc/Tokens
Collection eternal dawn coin 1 brown
Collection eternal dawn coin 2 grey
Collection eternal dawn coin 3 green
Collection eternal dawn coin 4 blue
Collection eternal dawn coin 5 purple
Collection eternal dawn coin 6 orange
Legion 3
Champion of the eternal dawn troop

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