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The Educator Epic Main Hand
Raid damage: 904

Duel power: 103
Attack: 198
Defense: 112
Perception: 90
Education, Education, Education: Chance for bonus raid damage plus Education yell

Main educator
Educating unruly pupils can be difficult. so a teacher forced to undertake such a task had this mace crafted. The weapon's weighty head puts paid to any classroom disruption, and its magical voice shouts out words of learning to further the education of those in the vicinity.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinRetired Expeditions

Additional Info:

Education yell :

  • "'Sordent' can be used as both a noun and an adjective. People from Sordent are called 'Sords'."
  • "Orocs are descended from orcs and earth elementals. They have crystalline skeletons and mineralized flesh."
  • "Nordent is the northernmost part of West Kruna."
  • "As 'equine' is to 'horse', so 'draconic' is to 'dragon'."
  • "Terracles killed the Faedark Bear by strangulation, as its hide turned aside all weapons."
  • "Mermen are amphibious. They can breathe both underwater and on land."

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