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The Dragons' Claw

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The Dragons' Claw

Your deeds have not gone unnoticed...

The Dragons' Claw is the ninth questing area in the game and becomes available when all sub-quests and boss encounters have been completed on at least normal difficulty in Together in Eclectic Dreams.

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The Watcher's Eyes | The Cyan Hunter | Mirror, Mirror, in the Sky | Falls the Shadow | All that Glitters

Pre LoreEdit

Quest LoreEdit

The Watcher's EyesEdit

Pre LoreEdit

Quest LoreEdit

Behind Purple EyesEdit

Z9 a1 q1

Hunter and PreyEdit

Z9 a1 q2

Faster than LightningEdit

Z9 a1 q3

Throw the Dagger, Throw the DiceEdit

Z9 a1 q4

Boss: Mesyra the WatcherEdit

The Cyan HunterEdit

Pre LoreEdit

Quest LoreEdit


Z9 a2 q1

Leap of FaithEdit

Z9 a2 q2

Aerial ManeuversEdit

Z9 a2 q3

Secret Magic WordEdit

Z9 a2 q4

Boss: Nimrod the HunterEdit

Mirror, Mirror, in the SkyEdit

Pre LoreEdit

Quest LoreEdit

Flight of DragonsEdit

Z9 a3 q1


Z9 a3 q2

The Mirror LiesEdit

Z9 a3 q3

Top DrakeEdit

Z9 a3 q4

Boss: Phaedra the DeceiverEdit

Falls the ShadowEdit

Pre LoreEdit

Quest LoreEdit

Ghost of Battle PastEdit

Z9 a4 q1

Shadow of the PresentEdit

Z9 a4 q2

The Future, It Is MurderEdit

Z9 a4 q3

Tough LoveEdit

Z9 a4 q4

Boss: Tenebra the Shadow-MistressEdit

All that GlittersEdit

Pre LoreEdit

Quest LoreEdit

Not the Drake You're Looking ForEdit

Z9 a5 q1


Z9 a5 q2


Z9 a5 q3

Crash LandingEdit

Z9 a5 q4

Boss: Valanazes the GoldEdit

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