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The Darkness Below Epic Legion

5 Undead, 5 Melee, 5 Any
50 Troops: 20 Undead, 20 Ranged, 10 Any
3 Armaments: 1 Relic, 1 Siege, 1 Support
Power Bonus: 225%, +350% vs Dragons

Sunset: 13% chance to deal 50,000 damage; Extra 50,000 damage if Arethusa is in the legion; Extra 350,000 damage against Dragon raids; Extra 650,000 damage against Undead raids
Legion 3
Arethusa and her followers claim Verdan belong to them, and them alone. They represent the ageless dead, who have walked the streets of the city since the times of its ancient founding, and claim that death has not negated their timeless claim of ownership.
Obtained By:



  • The Darkness Below is a part of one recipe.
The Darkness Below Events/World Raid
Collection draconic ash 3 green
Collection draconic ash 4 blue
Collection draconic ash 5 purple
Collection draconic ash 6 orange
Collection draconic ash 7 red
Arethusas archer troop
Legion 3

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