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The dark smith small The Dark Smith (World Raid)
Size Players Magics Timer (hrs) Cooldown
World 90,000 0 120 N/A
World , Human , Undead
Loot Table
The dark smith web3


Item Name Type Atk Def Per Ability
Shadow infused steel Shadow-Infused Steel Crafting Component This dark metal radiates malevolence, and almost begs to be shaped into a lethal blade. Now you just need the plans for such a weapon...
The dark smiths secrets The Dark Smith's Secrets Crafting Component These writings are the work of twisted evil, but also of genius. They describe how one could take three powerful swords and work their combined magic into something far greater...
Anvil malevolent Malevolent Anvil Familiar

Item Name Type Atk Def Per Ability
Bloody ingot purple Purple Bloody Ingot Chest Crafting Component Used to craft Dark Smith's Demon Rune and The Dark Smith
Bloody ingot orange Orange Bloody Ingot Chest Crafting Component Used to craft Dark Smith's Death Rune and The Dark Smith
Sword plans Sword Plans Crafting Component The Dark Smith's designs are impressive. One of these swords would be valuable in battle, if only you had the ebon steel necessary for its forging...
Anvil evil Evil Anvil Familiar


His forge is a temple, a shrine where sinister priests chant to malevolent gods and victims bleed their last on the altar. Blood, death, and suffering flow through the terrible weapons he fashions -- products of untold genius and unmentionable horror. He is the Dark Smith, and his evil cannot be allowed to go unchecked.