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Terracles' Arm Epic Troop
Legion damage: 9

Duel power: 3
Attack: 5
Defense: 5
Race construct Construct
Role ranged Ranged
Source special Special
Terracles' Arm gains 145 attack when placed in the Castle Crashers, Besiegers' Blood, or Oh, Siege! legion

Terracles arm
After Terracles ascended to the heavens, barbarians who had despised him decided to besiege Pella, and exact their vengeance on the settlement now that it was without its greatest defender. But when a boulder flew over Pella's walls and crushed their leader, they fled in terror -- believing it had flown from the hero's hand.
Obtained By:

temporary possible drop from Ulfrik (Raid) (9/21/12-9/28/12)

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