Teremarthu is the only boss encounter for Far From Home (Area: Far From Home). As with all bosses, Teremarthu can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence teremarthu Teremarthu Essence Used to summon Teremarthu (Raid) Teremarthu quest boss
Legion 1 Blue Tide Teremarthu
Dantkun Dant'Kun 345 345 431 Blue Dreamer: Increases Player's Attack, Defense (+18, +5 with boost), and Stamina (+13, +5 with boost) Quest Boss: Teremarthu NM
Citadel book training ground Training Ground Book This book allows you to construct the Training Grounds in your Citadel, and can be obtained by defeating Teremarthu (quest version) on Normal difficulty. Quest: N Teremarthu
Qwil arm blue Blue Qwil Arm Crafting (General): Far From Home questing,
Teremarthu (Raid)
Qwil arm orange Orange Qwil Arm Crafting (General): Far From Home questing,
Teremarthu (Raid)


Enter Battle

As always, your companions are doing you proud. Roland, Medea, and Lucian are a host in themselves -- putting song, steel, crystal, and cricket to devastating effect. Elyssa's saving a qwiladrian's kin the trouble and expense of a funeral pyre. Dao and Rissa are returning from the jungle, their weapons red.

And Ariala...

The Starmancer is close by, clashing magic against magic, grinding the swirling energy on her left arm against a qwiladrian's own arcane defenses. Hers prove superior. She drives him backwards, their colliding energies fizzing and sparking, forces him to the ground, then brings her mace down on his octopean skull again, and again, and again -- till his face is a crushed and splattered mess.

On your other side, the blue orc shouts something and gestures at a qwiladrian whose elaborate armor, intricate body markings, and exotic blade likely denote someone of importance. A martial champion, if you're any judge.

"Enshada'nach!" He points at your weapon once more. Then at the qwil. "Enshada'nach borshaka!"

"Yes," you reply. "I understand."

He clenches his three fists when you brandish your quadradent, and yells what you take to be an exhortation. In light of that inexplicable enthusiasm, you can't help glancing at the weapon. It's enchanted, like most of the other artifacts in Caracalla's chamber -- which would have succumbed to rust and decay otherwise. Yet there's little remarkable about it, at least to the eye of a <man/woman> like you who's handled so many magical arms over the course of your adventures. You only selected it because of its length and its familiarity. After all, what is a quadradent if not a martial pitchfork?

But there will be time to investigate the blue orc and the weapon after the battle. For now, that qwil leader could do with four new holes...


The qwil's swordsmanship is as eclectic as his appearance. His blade weaves curving, serpentine patterns -- as though it were a fin or tentacle moving beneath the water, among the currents and eddies. Cuts and thrusts come from unexpected angles, threatening your defenses on all sides, forcing you to sweep your quadradent this way and that until the weapon's weight becomes a burden and your muscles whine at the sustained exertion.

Those writhing appendages are moving his limbs in ways a human couldn't match, granting him a dexterity and quickness that you'd never have expected from his repulsive appearance.

In a swordfight, he might have proven your superior. But you have the advantage of range. And you may well have done more fighting and killing with a pitchfork in your hand than any other person on Tor'gyyl. So you know all the tricks of farmyard violence...

The qwil hisses when you puncture his foot and its cluster of tentacles, thrusting the middle two prongs into the fleshy mass below the protection of his greave. After that he can only hobble. The result is inevitable.

His blade, slower and clumsier now, stripped of some of its unorthodoxy, falls into your trapping parry -- between two of the quadradent's eponymous teeth. You twist the fork before he can recover. Heavier metal overwhelms his delicate weapon. The qwil's sword gives way with a plink, and the blade snaps.

One final thrust to the throat finishes him, and brings a joyful cacophony from the blue orc.

"Enshada'nach borshaka! Enshada'nach borshaka!"

Those incomprehensible words continue to pour from his mouth as you gaze upon the carnage around you. Purple orcs and qwiladrians are strewn about, charred, bludgeoned, and butchered.

And your hopes of securing a peaceful way home have likely perished with them.


The blue orc's shouting at you, making frantic gestures with his three hands -- urging you back into the fray. And for reasons you can't quite comprehend, part of you refuses to lose face before that bizarre stranger. The qwiladrian must die.

Additional Info

  • Normal - 6000 HP, Max Damage ≥ 2708 (@31308 attack, probably 4000)
  • Hard - 7200 HP, Max Damage ≥ 2708 (@31308 attack, probably 4000)
  • Legendary - 9000 HP, Max Damage 4000
  • Nightmare - 12000 HP, Max Damage 4000, Deals 1000 damage per hit against 14K defense; 279 damage against 20.3K defense; 191 damage against 22.8K defense

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