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Takamura Epic General
Legion damage: 500

Duel power: 110
Attack: 230
Defense: 100
Race human Human
Role melee Melee
Source agility Agility
Warrior of Nine Rivers: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Bowman of Nine Rivers and Swordmaster in the active legion

Tales of the war and its countless battles have spread far and wide across the face of Tor'gyyl. In the east the people of Nine Rivers learned of the courage their swordmasters had shown against the dragons, and thus began to see that far-off conflict as their own. They clamored for soldiers to be sent to the west, and their leaders acquiesced. Takamura volunteered to lead the force. In his boyhood he dreamed of becoming a swordmaster, but his skill with that weapon didn't suffice. Since then he's found glory with a tool of war better suited to his grasp, and the thought of displaying his prowess alongside the swordmasters fills his heart with pride.
Obtained By:

Crafting together the following materials from Corrupted Erebus

Additional Info:

Can be boosted by Takamura Boost


  • Takamura is a part of one recipe.
Takamura Events/World Raid Stats/World Raid
Broken erebus scale brown
Broken erebus scale grey
Broken erebus scale green
Broken erebus scale blue
Broken erebus scale purple
Broken erebus scale orange

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