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Sword of a Thousand Lies Epic Main Hand
Raid damage: 127

Duel power: 12
Attack: 30
Defense: 7
Deceptive Strike: Chance for bonus raid damage; PvP Bonus: +15 damage

Main thousandlies
Brough the Trickster once presented a mortal with a magical knife, designed to teach him the value of deception. The weapon grew larger with each lie he told, eventually becoming a mighty full-length sword. He wielded it until the day he was hanged for perjury.
Obtained By:
Epic loot from Ragetalon (Guild Raid)
Common loot from Dragon's Lair (Raid)
Additional Info:

This weapon was first suggested on the Dawn of the Dragons forums by Keysersoze of the guild Defenders.

Can be upgraded to Sword of a Thousand and One Lies.


Reference to World of Warcraft and South Park's Sword of a Thousand Truths. The description is also a reference to the fictional character Pinocchio, a wooden puppet whose nose grew whenever he told a lie.

Web VersionRecipe

  • Sword of a Thousand Lies is a part of one recipe.

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