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Sword of Conquered Kingdoms 2 Legendary Main Hand
Raid damage: 740

Duel power: 87
Attack: 160
Defense: 100
Perception: 100
Legendary: Chance for bonus damage; Chance to create a Sword Fanatic; Extra damage for each Sword Fanatic owned; PvP Bonus: +175 power, +20 damage

Main sock2 v2

Main sock2

Faustus' grimoire spoke the truth. The energy from the demonic stones has passed into the blades, and is now bound to their enchanted steel. The weapon seethes with power, bathed in a potent aura that screams defiance at all those who would challenge you. You can't wait to let it taste your enemies' blood...
Obtained By:

Craft Sword of Conquered Kingdoms with Power of the Demon Stones These three are very rare epic raid loot that isn't shown in the loot table:

These three are very rare epic drops from any quest in the appropriate region:

Additional Info:

This weapon can be upgraded again by crafting.

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