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Sword Fanatic Epic Troop
Legion damage: 64.8

Duel power: 25
Attack: 35
Defense: 40
Race human Human
Role special Special
Source strength Strength

A well crafted sword is a thing of beauty, and all but the most jaded warriors or frightened civilians can appreciate the deadly gleam upon their blades. But some go well beyond a mere appreciation of such things. They become obsessed, willing to travel miles and risk grueling hardships simply to lay their eyes upon a legendary weapon. Now they're flocking to your camp, eager to witness your newly enhanced sword in action. At first it was somewhat annoying. But their applause and shouts of encouragement are music to your ears in battle. You just hope Medea doesn't get jealous.
Obtained By:

On hit drop when one of the following is equipped:

Additional Info:

Created by attacks from versions of Sword of Conquered Kingdoms at a rate of 1/500 stamina spent. Proc damage for the Sword increases by 2 for each Fanatic owned.

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