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Suneate of the Last Emperor Legendary Boots
Raid damage: 310

Duel power: 168
Attack: 60
Defense: 70
Perception: 190
Emperor Strikes Back: While equipped chance for bonus damage; PvP Bonus: +125 power

Boots lastemperor
The gentle tugs of Misako's ring lead you onwards until you come to a mound of earth. There's a sudden emptiness in your hand. The ring has disappeared. You dig into the ground, and uncover a pair of magnificent boots. Somehow you know they belonged to her father.
Obtained By:

Created via Crafting (Legends) by combining:

Additional Info:

Needed to complete quests in Scrolls of Dahrizon on Hard difficulty


Special ability is a reference to Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Web VersionRecipe

  • Suneate of the Last Emperor is a part of one recipe.

Mobile Version Recipe

  • Suneate of the Last Emperor is a part of one recipe.

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