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Stone of Zuxala Epic Crafting Component

Used as an ingredient to craft Power of the Demon Stones
Demonstone 6
Zuxala... When Faustus mentioned that name, it sounded familiar. Where have you come across it before? Ah, yes... In a story about Terracles. When he was in the underworld, acquiring ingots of black metal as one of his famed labors, he's said to have encountered a demoness by that name. According to some accounts, she became enraged when he rejected her advances. Though other versions claim he ravished her by force. Such are the vagaries of legend. One particular tale has it that Zuxala came to the surface for revenge, and ambushed Terracles during his adventures in the north. But he simply bashed her brains out with his club, and left her dead upon the ground.
Obtained By:

Bludheim - Terracles' Meander

Web VersionRecipe

  • Stone of Zuxala is a part of one recipe.

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