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Stone of Lyrpan Crafting Component
Quality: Epic

Used as an ingredient to craft Power of the Demon Stones

Demonstone 3
As you dream you see yourself, standing proud in your armor. In the hand of that dream-self is one of the stones you seek. You hear a voice, which seems to come from all around you. The words it speaks are strange, as though in some ancient tongue: :Wonk reven lliw uoy stug sti ni pu dedne siht woh. Sehsa eht tsgnoma gniwolg tfel saw gnihtemos, emalf lacigam ni retsnom elbanimoba eht fo hself dirtup eht detamerc uoy nehw." Their meaning eludes you, but you can't help feeling that the dream was somehow prophetic.
Obtained By: Epic loot from Nightmare Bogstench (Raid)
Additional Info:
  • if you read the sentence backwards, it says:

"when you cremated the putrid flesh of the abominable monster in magical flame, something was left glowing amongst the ashes. How this ended up in its guts you will never know.

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