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Stone of Farzak

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Stone of Farzak Epic Crafting Component

Used as an ingredient to craft Power of the Demon Stones
Demonstone 1
Faustus tells you that he recently procured a new grimoire. From its pages he's learned of six stones, once owned by mighty infernal beings. He believes that their combined essences could be used to enhance a weapon - providing that its magical energies are correctly aligned with theirs. Alas, he has no way of knowing where these stones might be. Though he says that one of the book's previous owners has scribbled something in the margin next to the spell. It reads as follows: "A freak exhilarates".
Obtained By:

Epic loot from Nightmare Kalaxia (Raid)

Additional Info:

"A freak exhilarates" is an anagram of Kalaxia the Far Seer.

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