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Steam fanatics small Steam Fanatics (World Raid)
Size Players Magics Timer (hrs) Cooldown
World 90,000 0 120 N/A
Human , Construct
  • First release on November 15, 2013‎ (Loot Table)
  • Second release on June 20, 2014
  • Third release on June 9th, 2017
Loot Table
Dotd steam fanatics loot v2


Item Name Type Atk Def Per Ability
Steam power schematic 1 Steam Power Schematic 1 Crafting Component
Steam power schematic 2 Steam Power Schematic 2 Crafting Component
Steam power schematic 3 Steam Power Schematic 3 Crafting Component
Steam power schematic 4 Steam Power Schematic 4 Crafting Component
Alina boost Alina Stat Boost Boost Increases the Attack and Defense of Alina by 100 (Max: 1)
Pet green steam dragon Green Steam-Powered Dragon Familiar
Sculpted crystal Sculpted Crystal Boost Increases Kezeraa's Attack and Defense by 30 and extra damage by 140; Increases Cornerstone's Attack and Defense by 10 and damage by 1,000; Increases Dismantle's damage by 1% (MAX: 50)