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Solus Epic unique Mount
Raid damage: 1050

Duel power: 140
Attack: 210
Defense: 210
Perception: 135
Insight: Increases chance to land a critical hit

Solus revised
Solus is as close a friend as you've ever known, a loyal and steadfast companion with whom you share the deepest of bonds. Yet for all your closeness, despite the strength of your connection, there's something enigmatic about him. When he gazes into the distance, his eyes and mind wandering, you wonder what unfathomable things he sees. And a strange question crosses your thoughts: Is he part of your tale, or are you merely part of his story -- one which will go on long after your bones are dust?
Obtained By:



  • Solus is a part of one recipe.
Solus Items/Mounts Stats/Quest
Phaedras eye
Tenebras eye
Solus revised
Scale blue

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