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Solus Special unique Mount
Raid damage: 225

Duel power: 30
Attack: 45
Defense: 45
Perception: 45
Insight: Increases chance to land a critical hit

The blue dragon whelp gazes out at the world with curious, intelligent eyes. He seems to understand every word you say to him, and in battle he has the uncanny ability to anticipate your commands before you give them.
Obtained By:

Quest Burden's Rest: The Keep - General Grune Boss

Additional Info:

Can be upgraded to Solus2 with Kalaxia's Eye from Kalaxia quest boss.


  • Solus is a part of 2 recipes.

Hold mouse over crafting component to see its name and where to get it.
Hold mouse over result to see its name and type.
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Name Type Recraft Type
Solus Items/Mounts Stats/Quest
Phaedras eye
Tenebras eye
Solus revised
Scale blue

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