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Sluriasmic Cuisses Epic Pants
Raid damage: 600

Duel power: 80
Attack: 120
Defense: 120
+1000 Attack against Echidna

Pants sluriasmic
IV. The silver wyrm grew weary in every thew, for she had fought harder than she'd ever done in her centuries-long life. And Echidna's eyes gleamed. Agony had near maddened her. The tearing of her scales and flesh beneath Megaera's claws was a terrible torment from which death would have been merciful release. Yet her body was whole and undamaged. Her strength remained in full measure, and vengeance burned within the breast that had suffered a hundred rending wounds.
Obtained By:

Craft together:

Additional Info:

Can be upgraded to the Echidnan Cuisses with an Echidna Victory Banner

Part of Sluriasmic Set


  • Sluriasmic Cuisses is a part of 3 recipes.

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Name Type Recraft Type
Sluriasmic Cuisses Events/World Raid
Torn sluriasma frill brown
Torn sluriasma frill grey
Torn sluriasma frill green
Torn sluriasma frill blue
Torn sluriasma frill purple
Torn sluriasma frill orange
Pants sluriasmic

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