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Simon and Cressida Epic General
Legion damage: 480

Duel power: 153
Attack: 185
Defense: 275
Race human Human
Role healer Healer
Source intellect Intellect
Better than One: Chance to negate all incoming damage and deal bonus damage

Simon and cressida
Even the most erudite mages are dubious about teleportation magic, and shun that field of arcane research. For they know exactly what disasters are likely to arise from it. However, Simon and Cressida were young and foolhardy in spite of their considerable talents -- and believed that they could succeed where all others had failed. And in fairness to the pair, they did indeed manage to teleport across a room. But the achievement was somewhat marred by the fact that the process merged their bodies together. Curiously, Cressida's frame proved dominant -- the net result being that she now has Simon's head beside her own, constantly leering at her bosoms. It's no surprise that she turned to the study of curative magic, in the hope of one day separating the two of them.
Obtained By:

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